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Sunday, January 30, 2011

COLD TOLERANT Tomato Seeds Planted: Hot House Cage

It starts out with the slow growing plants but as the addiction starts taking hold, mad planting begins.

I just planted tomato seeds. It is a bit early here for that. But I have a strategy. These are cold tolerant tomatoes. They are the same ones I put in toward the end of last year. They did well in the cold but I was too late in planting them. A hard frost got them.

My idea... Grow the cold tolerant ones and build a hot-house tomato cage around them. If all goes well, TOMATOES in May.

To see what a hot-house tomato cage is check out my Knol on it.
How to Build a Hot-House Tomate Cage: A Slide Show

I planted:

Polar Baby
Oregan Spring V
Silver Fir Tree
Sub Artic Max

Silver Fir is a Russian variety. I figure the cold spring might work.

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