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Friday, January 21, 2011

3 Kinds/Colors of Jalapenos: My Ebay Auction

One strategy I use to maintain a Zero Cost garden is, I sell and auction seeds, if I am not giving them away. Typically I sell enough to pay for my cost. Yes, I order extra and sell them down.

I am planting another salsa garden this year and found jalapenos to have the right amount of heat for salsa. I ordered yellow, purple and green jalapeno seeds this year. The make for great heat and color contrast.

You can find my auction here if your are interested. They can also be found at Tomatogrowers.com.

3 Kinds/Colors of Jalapenos and Sweet Banana: EBAY Auction

(this is what is being auctioned)

Jalor Jalapeno 20 seeds

It is the first yellow jalapeno developed out of the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. The fruit is described as a beatiful golden yellow that turns orange, then red. It grows on compacts plants. Heat is equal to your standard jalapeno and it is resistant to 6 pepper viruses. 70 days maturity.

Purple Jalapeno 30 seeds

The fruit of this pepper turns dark purple and stays that way for a long time. It will eventually turn red. They are a little bit larger then your standard jalapeno and carry the same heat. They color contrast looks great is salsas. 75 days maturity.

Jalapeno M 30 seeds

Your standard green jalapeno that grows 3 inches long and is about 1 and 1/2 inch wide. It stays dark green for a long time and then turns red. It's great for salsas, nachos, stuffed, and all your hot dish needs. 75 days maturity.

Sweet Banana 30 seeds

They grow 5-6 inches long and start out light green, change to yellow and orange, and finally red. They are sweet with no heat. Great contrast in salsas and great all around use, cooked or raw. 72 days maturity.

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