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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Iced Out: Thank Goodness for Grow Lights: Pea Containers

We have just been iced out here in Maryland. I know it is only January and I have a solid 6 weeks before I can get peas in the ground and clean up the garden. Thank goodness I can start plants indoors. It does get a bit depression. I love a good fluffy snow, the kids love it, the dog loves it, but this ice is just depressing.

Time to clean out the grow closet.

Here is tip for late February in my area. Peas in containers.

Well my tip for peas is to use the 14 gallon containers you can buy at any discount store. Poke a hole in the side, not the bottom. The hole should be about an inch up the side. You want to keep a small reservoir in the bottom. Fill it at least 2/3 with good bagged soil. If you put a tomato cage or a few stick in there, the peas will climb beautifully.  They grow fast, are easy to pick in a container, and you don't have to wait for the ground to thaw. This gives you an early pea planting start by about 2 weeks. The earlier you get them in, the quicker the come to the table.

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