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Monday, January 24, 2011

Grow Light On, Seeds In, The 2011 Garden Season Has Started

I cleaned out my grow closet. The lights work. Everything was dusted. I have two flats planted. I recommend getting your slow growers in now.

I planted rosemary, oregano, garlic chives, and lavender. They tend to take a long time to grow. I do over-plant me seed cells. I typically break them up and put them into cups. I will then break them up again a second time, out of the cups, if needed. It is the most effecient way for me to use my space.

I also planted snapdragons and coleus. The coleus take a long time to germinate and grow. I want them up and about come frost free time. The snapdragons grow like weeds. I must put 20 plus seeds in a cell. I will divide and divide them till ground planting time. They are very hardy plants and damage to the roots does little to stop them from growing.

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