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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Starting Herbs & Perennials Indoors - Seed Mix & Planting Techniques

Starting Herbs and Perennials Indoors
Seed Mix & Planting Techniques

Starting seeds indoors is easy to do and pretty inexpensive. You can re-use a lot of the materials year after year.  And it will save you a lot of money.

Oregano and Thyme Planted Over-Seeded - The Rusted Garden Blog

This video covers seed mix preparation, filling your seed cells and some basic planting techniques. Watering, fertilizing, lighting and transplanting will be subjects of future videos. So please check back!

Most seed starting mixes come dry. It is important to pre-moisten your starting mix before you fill your cells. It helps with preparing the cells for planting and seed germination.

It is also important to bottom water your planted vegetable seed cells. Watering from the top can splash out seeds, it is time consuming and it creates an environment for diseases like 'damping off' disease. It kills seedlings.

Oregano Ready to Be Divided - The Rusted Garden Blog

Most seeds should be planted 6-8 weeks before outdoor planting is viable. However, some seeds take 2-3 to germinate and grow slowly. Herbs like oregano and thyme fit this bill. You can start a lot of seeds 10-12 weeks early so they are ready come spring.

Finally, over-seeding is a technique I use for extremely small seeds. You don't always want to plant 1 seed in cell.

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