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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Growing Coleus Indoors is a Great Way to Save Money!

Coleus Seeds - The Rusted Vegetable Garden  Blog

You might notice my blog is following what I am doing at the moment for 2013. It is seed starting time here in Maryland. It isn't quite time to start this year's Coleus. They grow well indoors and don't like any cold as in under 60 degrees. I collected my Coleus seeds from last year's plants so I am looking forward to free seed.

A great way to save money is to start vegetables indoors as I have mentioned a few times. If you don't want vegetables then seed starting flowers will also save you a lot of money. Coleus are expensive to buy at nurseries. They are really easy to start indoors as seen in the pictures.

You will have to spend about $10 if you need all the supplies in the pictures. If you already have the materials, you might have to spend $3 for seeds and a portion of soil. You can easily spend $30, $40 or more on Coleus for your annual beds. Once you buy the seed  trays and cells, you can re-use them for many years.

Coleus transplants are expensive to buy from nurseries. They do great indoors as seed starts.So why not give it a try? I over seed my cells as you can see and then divide the cell plugs into 2 and put them in cups. I pretty much put in about 7-10 seeds per cell and lightly mix them in to a 1/4 inch. They germinate and grow well indoors.

That is only one pack of seeds that made 36 plugs. The total cost... maybe $3. You can end up with 72 clumps of plants or more, depending on how you want to divide them up. Cheap!

Coleus Seed Start  - The Rusted Vegetable Garden  Blog

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