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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Seed Starting Onions and Leeks Indoors: Save Money!

Onions and leeks take about 120 days to mature.

They are both very hardy and thick rooted vegetables. The roots can be tugged firmly to seperate them. They aren't fragile!

I over seed my onions and leeks in seeds cells and let them grow tightly together. I will have to use a liquid fertilizer with them to keep them healthy while I wait to get them in the garden.

You can grow 150+ transplants for under $5 and as long as you keep them fed and moist, they will stay viable until you get them in the garden.

Starting them 6 weeks before the lighter frost weather comes (it's dead 25 degree weather here now) will give you quite a few transplants for your garden There are actually over 200 transplants in this video. After 3 weeks, start using a light liquid fertilizer when you water them.

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