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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Video: Planting Fall Garlic in Earth/Raised Beds

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Garlic is a great fall crop. In Maryland, September - early October is a great time to plant fall garlic.

You can simply plant the garlic found in your grocery store. If you have time, you can order your garlic from catalogs or online and choose from over 100 varieties.

Planting standard is about 4 inches deep but you can go a little more shallower where the winters don't deep freeze your garden.

Garlic needs a minimum of 2 weeks of 40 degree or colder weather. Garlic needs this as a natural process. The cold weather prepares it to form large bulbs come spring.

Here is my video showing you how to plant garlic in a raised bed. Fall planting is a great idea! You'll get spring greens for salads and th bulbs will come the end of spring.

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