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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Making Grape Juice from the Garden

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The gardening bug is coming back. I seem to always need a month off. I am in the process of redoing a lot of my garden beds and I building raised bed frames. I am preparing for next spring!

My Concord grape vines are doing really well. They have done great for years. They do have seeds and that makes them difficult to eat. So... the next best thing is grape juice. Here is the process in pictures. It works and the juice sweetens over time for some reason when refrigerated.

Concord Grapes for Juicing - The Rusted Garden
Simmer Grapes for 30 minutes - The Rusted Garden

Wash the grapes and simmer them for 30 minutes in a large pot. Concord grapes will stain although it is easily cleaned up with kitchen bleach spray. You are just letting them simmer or slowly boil. That will soften the grape for mashing them through a sieve.

30 Minutes of Simmering and Stirring - Concord Grapes
Mash Cooled Grapes Through Sieve - The Rusted Garden

Let the pot cool down and mash the grapes through a fine sieve with a rubber spatula. Grind/stir the grapes through the sieve. You will get juice and grape flesh. I prefer that in my juice. I believe it is of more nutritional value. You also have the base to make Concord grape jelly. If you don't want the piece in their it will settle in the bottle and it can be separated.

Don't use a juicer.... the juicers spray grape staining elements, project seeds out and mostly they aren't good at juicing the grape down. It wastes a lot of juice and the mess isn't worth it.

Concord Grape Juice from the Garden - The Rusted Garden

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