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Friday, September 28, 2012

Video: Build Your Raised Bed Vegetable Garden in the Fall

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The fall is a great time to redesign and or build your raised bed vegetable garden. It is a lot cooler out and that makes the work so much easier! Fall is the time to clear out spent vegetables and remove debris. It is also the best time to build and redesign. Preparing raised bed frames now and building up the soil in the fall will provide you with ready to go vegetable planting beds come the spring.

You can also plant a lot of vegetables in the fall. You can put down collard green and kales. You can plant garlic, leeks and onions. Many greens can handle hard frosts and freezing and they will start producing for you in the spring. If you have time, before heavy frosts, you can plant radishes and lettuces. If you have enough time you might even get in a round of peas.

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