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Monday, August 6, 2012

Still Motivated! Garden Cleared and Fall is Planted

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 I have to say keeping up this blog and making garden videos has helped me get through my typical garden burnout period which is about now. I cleared out 90% of my beds this weekend.  Took down my massive cucumber plants because I have new vines maturing. They were still producing but were getting disease riddled and beat up. Don't stay over attached to your plants. Remove them when it is time.

There is a level of odd remorse taking out plants that aren't totally spent. However I took that old cucumber section and planted it with a round of 'Super Sugar Snap' peas. Peas are a great crop to put into soil that has had the nutrients sucked out of it by heavy feeders like cucumbers. Peas fix their own nitrogen.

I also managed to plant the following:

Heirloom Leaf Mix 
(It did really well to well. I cut the scatter plot to 1/3 spring planting size)

Wild Italian Arugula
(Spiciest variety I have found)

'Bloomsdale Long Standing' Spinach

Red Lettuce (Lollo Rossa)

'Salad Rose' Radish
(Long stem radishes can go in now)


And 'Oregon Sugar Pod' and 'Super Sugar Snap' peas

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