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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Part Two 8/2/2012: Planting the Fall Garden - Time to Start

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Planting the Fall Garden: Time to Start 
(Part 2 of 8)

Now is the time to clear out the old and plant the new. The main thing to accomplish this week is getting rid of the spent vegetables and turn the beds for the fall crops. You also want to get some seeds in. It is better to be early than late with your seeding.

You have time to get some warm weather crops in that mature within 60 days in the Maryland Zone 7 area. You might get in some beans and bush type cucumbers too. 

I started seeds for 3 varieties of 60 day determinate type tomatoes yesterday. I never made it to starting them last week. I staggered my tomato plants over the months of May and June and have some plants that are just starting to turn fruit red. I do this so I have tomatoes through mid Sept, if disease and heat don't kill them off. This year I am trying to get tomatoes through 1st frost using cold tolerant early determinate tomatoes.

You can get your first wave of longer growing lettuces in the ground, spinach and even plant kale and collard seeds for a spring harvest. Faster growing lettuces and lettuces that are less heat tolerant can go in mid August.

Radishes can go in now and ever 2 weeks till mid September. And by all means get your peas in the ground. You want to plant some now and in 2 weeks.  Cilantro can go in and you probably have time for another tight round of basil. I will also be planting some beets and maybe some other faster growing root crops. Hmmm... and some bunching onions.

Good luck!

Ah garlic too can get planted for a spring harvest.

Planting Radishes

Planting Lettuces

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