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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Transplant and Grow Leeks: They Are a No Fail Vegetable

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Leeks have my vote for the hardiest vegetable out there. They over winter in Maryland Zone 7. You can actually harvest leeks all year around in Maryland.

Leeks are best started in seed cells and they are HARDY! The can withstand drying out for a day. The can be over crowded in the cells. The roots are so hardy, you can tug the seedling apart with no fear when transplanting them to the garden.

If you like onions and garlic, you will love leeks.

The leeks I am transplanting sat mostly forgotten in the 9 cell pack I started them in. They probably have been in there 6 weeks.

Just start them in cells, keep them under care until about 4 inches high and transplant them. Once they get to be 4 inches or so they are really hard to kill out.

Here are a few pictures. They went into my new raised bed between beet tranplants.

Leeks with Massive Indestructable Roots - The Rusted Garden

Leek Transplants a No Fail Vegetable - The Rusted Garden

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