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Thursday, June 14, 2012

4 of 6: Tending Tomatoes Blossom End Rot and First Fruit Fertilizing

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This is my 4th video that highlights the growth and tending of my original hot-house tomato the 'black krim'. The link will show you a video of the original plant and how to build a hot-house tomato cage.

The essentials of this video are using calcium to prevent against blossom end rot. The disease where the bottoms of the tomatoes turn an ugly brown. And to give your tomatoes a liquid fertilizer boost when you see first fruit setting. The keys to preventing blossom end rot (if you want to see a picture and get full instructions).

If you know you are watering regularly and your are not having watering issues then adding calcium is the next step. If you add calcium 1 year, you are pretty safe skipping a year. There is always concern you might lower the PH of your soil out of the optimum range. I use a lot of peat moss which is acidic. In my garden the use of lime and peat moss essentially cancel each other out in the world of PH changes.