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Monday, June 4, 2012

Part 1 of 2: Creating a 4x4 Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

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I created another raised bed in a section of my yard that was nothing more than grass. In pictures, here is the process to set up a basic raised bed. It really doesn't take much time. This blog entry shows you how to quickly set up the raised bed. Another blog entry shows you how to fill it Lasagna Style.

Raised Bed Garden Frame - The Rusted Garden

Pressure treated lumber will last 7 plus years. If you use untreated wood it will last 3 years. I have tried both. These are 8 foot boards (2 inches by 8inches). I asked the do-it-yourself shop to cut them in half for me. Let them do the work for you. Below I drilled 4 holes in each board and inserted 4 inch screws. Pre-drilling the wood helps prevent splitting. Once the screws were inserted, I just lined the boards up and screwed the framed together.

Raised Bed Garden Construction - The Rusted Garden
Constructing a Basic Raised Bed Frame - The Rusted Garden

Once you complete securing the frame, set it in place. You will notice I lined the inside with mulch. You can line it with dirt if needed. You do that so you can mark out your digging area as seen in the next photograph.

Line the Inside of the Frame - The Rusted Garden
Remove the Raised Bed - The Rusted Garden

Remove the frame and you are left with an outline. Turned the ground over. You can remove the grass if you want depending on how you are going to fill the raised bed. I am just showing your the basic set up. I filled this bed using a layered or lasagna style of filling. That method allows you to keep the grass in the box. It is a little less work.

Turn the Raised Bed Ground Base - The Rusted Garden

After turning the ground, return the frame and I suggest filling in the first layer with organic matter like peat moss.  About 2 inches will do. It is important to add organic matter to help with moisture control and good soil development.

Basic Raised Bed Garden Construction - The Rusted Garden


  1. I didn't bother digging up my grass and just layed newspaper over it and filled with my mix of peat moss potting soil and leafgro. It's the lazy way but it works. I saw a video on the University of Maryland Agg site on doing it that way. My plants are growing big and strong.

  2. Lazy isnt so bad. Next year when you turn it - it will be just as if you turned it this year but without the extra sweat.

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