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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Figs are Sweet and Perfect for Making Dressings with Tomatoes

Figs are actually inverted flowers. They are sweet and easy to grow. You can make all kinds of foods with them. This is just a basic dressing. I picked leeks, figs, heirloom tomatoes, sweet peppers, and lime basil. I'll show you the process to make a great salad dressing (cold) and fish dressing (warm).

Making a Fig Dressing with Tomatoes: Gary Pilarchik

Figs Close Up: Gary Pilarchik

Dice the Figs and Lime Basil Up: Gary Pilarchik

Dice the figs up into pieces as shown. You do not need to peel them. The basil is a citrus variety. Lime I believe. You want to use a citrus basil, either lemon or lime varieties. The citrus adds greatly to the dressing.  All this goes into a mixing bowl. Add some salt to taste to start drawing the liquids out of the ingredients.

Cut the Leeks Up: Gary Pilarchik

Dice up the Heirloom Tomatoes: Gary Pilarchik

Slice Up the Sweet Peppers: Gary Pilarchik

All the ingredients get put into a mixing bowl. I only used coarse salt, cracked pepper, and garlic powder. Add in 1/4 to 1/2 cup olive oil based on taste and quantity of ingredients. You don't need a lot of olive oil. Mix everything up nicely and let it sit for 30 minutes to draw out the liquids and flavors.

Layered Figs, Tomatoes, Leeks, and Peppers: Gary Pilarchik

Fig Dressing Seasoned and Mixed with Olive Oil: Gary Pilarchik

I just washed and cut up some romaine lettuce. You want to use a sturdy lettuce like romaine that will stay firm and crisp with the dressing.

Chopped Romaine: Gary Pilarchik

The dressed romaine. Looks great and it tasted great!

Fig and Tomato Dressing on Romaine: Gary Pilarchik
You can also using the dressing on fish. Any basic white fish works great with this fig based dressing.
Here is how it looks in pictures. You can either put the cold dressing straight on the pan cooked fish. Or you could remove the fish and heat the dressing for a minute in the same frying pan. Your choice.

Heat Fig and Heirloom Tomato Dressing on Fish: Gary Pilarchik

Quick Simmer Fig Dressing: Gary Pilarchik

White Fish and Fig Dressing: Gary Pilarchik

Here is the dinner served up. The fig and heirloom tomato dressing is used on the romaine and on the fish. A great meal!

The Meal: Gary Pilarchik

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