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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Lettuce and Greens Container Garden

Much of my garden has died. These containers once held tomatoes. I cleaned them up and I added lettuces and greens to them. I started my greens by seed in trays about 3 weeks ago. I always lose my motivation in late August but fought to get this together last week. I am starting to get my second gardening wind.

You can see the chard I have been growing in the white buckets all year. You might notice some onions growing that I planted with the tomatoes in mid Summer. I planted several varieties of romaine lettuce, leaf lettuce, arugula, and kale. They are planted more closely then stated but that is because I will be picking them as a leaf lettuce garden. 

Lettuce and greens can withstand some frost. I should be fine and have some greens through October.

Oh way in the back... peas!

My Fall Lettuce and Greens Garden: Gary Pilarchik

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