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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Aussie Heirloom Tomato Might be Ugly but it is Huge and Sweet!

I just wanted to show another picture of the Aussie heirloom tomato. I really believed I approached 2 pounders. Next year I will take them to my local Giant and weigh them.

The Aussie Heirloom Tomato: Gary Pilarchik

Aussie, Brandywine, Cherry Tomatoes: Gary Pilarchik

Just to give you a little perspective. The Brandywine is the 16 oz variety.  The cherry tomato is a large cherry type. The Aussie is bulky. The Brandywine is a great 1 pounder variety too!

Split Heirloom Tomatoes Aussie and Brandywine: Gary Pilarchik

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