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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The October Garden: What's Producing... Tomatoes

Well, as I said, I tire out toward the end of the season. But I did manage to get in my third wave of tomatoes, radishes, and kales. I was also lucky enough to have a string bean grow from some lost seed.

Here are some of my tomatoes. Waves 1, 2 and 3. I don't think wave 3 will make it. I will try and build and wire cage hot-house.

This is one of my 1st wave of tomatoes, planted back in May. It is loaded with large healthy green tomatoes. It did well. I will have fried green tomatoes when frost time hits. The variety is Whopper. I will save the seeds and grow these next year.

This is one of my 2nd wave of tomatoes. I planted it in Julyish. It is the standard cherry Super Sweet 100's. It started producing in early September. I will be using this as my standard 2nd wave.

These are my 3rd wave of tomatoes in the cages. In order front to back are Silvery Fir, Glacier and Sub Artic Max. I don't think they will mature. Some have set fruit. I plant to get these in the ground next year on April 1st. I'll put them in a hot-house cage.

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