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Monday, October 25, 2010

Cleaning Up the Garden: Cleaning up the House

The gardening season is coming to and end. I still have tomatoes, kales and radishes. However, it is time to pick the last of my crops and begin cleaning up the garden. Cleaning the garden does several things. It removes debris that can hold insects and disease and it gives you a start on next years plantings. A clean slate or bed so to speak. There are other things you can do to clean up your home and that includes looking at the summer's potential water damage to the house. Flood damage or leaking walls? There are many services available to help with water damage and flooding like fixing water damage austin.

Turning the ground now will often turn over insect eggs and disease and bury them, to naturally kill them. If your garden is 10 years old like mine, you might find the trees have blocked out hours of sun. Or you might want more sunlight and less trees.  Time changes your garden and it changes your house. Maintaining your house is important. Did you track in dirt and mud over the summer? Floor cleaning tips austin can offer you some ideas to clean up your floors or services available to help remove a growing season's worth of dirt off your ceramic floors.

 The garden brings great rewards to the home but it does require working in dirt. Carpets can become a victim of feet from the garden, especially in the entry ways. There are many services and products available to help clean up your home. You don't always need a service but you might want to use green products. A company based in Austin may have some products you want green carpet cleaning products austin.

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