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Friday, October 8, 2010

Construction Worker On Halloween

Guest post written by Peggy Garrison

Our son is always wanting to help my husband with all of his construction work and thinks that it's so cool that he builds things at work. My husband does some little woodworking projects at home and he helps him out with some of those, or at least my husband lets him think that he does. So for Halloween this year my son wants to be a construction worker.

We actually already have a lot of the things around our house already for him to wear but there are a few pieces that he will definitely need. So I've been looking on my clear wireless internet for those pieces, like a construction worker hat and vest.

It wasn't as hard as I thought to find a cheap plastic construction worker hat. I also found an orange vest like the kind that people wear so that people will see them working for far away. Then I'm just going to dirty up a pair of old jeans and a white tshirt and let him wear that with one of my husbandÕs old tool belts.

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