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Friday, October 15, 2010

Designed to Sell - Favorite Real Estate Themed Television Show

Post contributed by Noah Schmidt

Out of all the home improvement shows on HGTV, my favorite is by far "Designed to Sell." Rather than give home improvement efforts unlimited funds and wherewithal to create the custom home of their dreams, Designed to Sell limits the cash flow to $2,000, forcing designers to be creative and think outside of the box in order to maximize the look of a ramshackle home.

See, any blind fool can take a pot of cash and buy large marble columns and fountains covered in gold leaf. Real design can be done on the cheap, with nothing more than trinkets found in a convenient store. Often times it is this freedom of choice that liberates the designer's clogged mind. Suddenly real estate is like an art canvas, and the designer has accessed the secret power of the avant garde which allows them to turn ordinary trash and garbage items into million dollar house decorations.

This is the great part about Designed to Sell. I feel their creative energies transferring to me like some kind of magic transfer. I suddenly have tons of ideas to use in my own home design, which I employ every week much to the dismay of my family. They say that I am borderline schizophrenic, but really I just love how home design can speak to the impermanence of life. Watch Designed to Sell on HGTV on satellite TV from

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