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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

40 or 50 Tomato Varieties I am Growing This Year: My Tomato Addiction and Methods

40 or 50 Tomato Varieties I am Growing This Year: 
My Tomato Addiction and Methods

So I will admit I am addicted to gardening and will seed start more tomatoes than I need. Well I need them, I just don't have room for them. Or maybe I do. I think. It is denial as I always rationalize my way out of reality and into this ignorant fantasy garden bliss. I do have an annual tomato and vegetable plant yard sale, so a lot go to the sale. But even in keeping 1 plant per variety.... well you can can count the numbers that I will have in my raised beds, containers and land I am trying to annex from a neighbor.

I start 95% of my tomato seeds indoors. I always end up buying a couple of plants. It is an impulse buy, however, they are varieties I do not  have... denial. Here is how I seed start my tomatoes and an introduction to seed starting supplies.

I did purposely buy over 15 varieties of small and cherry type tomatoes this year as I felt they would make a good focus for several videos. As my addiction only comes, to help you all out in your gardens. So, I guess I do need to grow all these tomato plants. Well maybe. It is fun.  Here is what I am growing this year. They are all being stagger started over the first 10 days of March. Most of them are heirlooms

My Standards I Grow From Saved Seeds

Abraham Lincoln Indeterminate Medium
Aunt Ruby's German Green Indeterminate Large
Aussie Indeterminate Large
Baxter's Bush Determinate Cherry
Black Cherry Indeterminate Cherry
Black Krim Indeterminate Medium
Black Plum Indeterminate Plum
Boxcar Indeterminate Medium
Brandywine Red Indeterminate Large
Brandywine Yellow Indeterminate Large
Cherokee Purple Indeterminate Medium
Glacier Determinate Cherry
Homestead Semi-Determinate Medium
Kentucky Orange Indeterminate Large
Matt's Wild Cherry Indeterminate Currant
Principe Borghese Determinate Plum
Russian Bicolor Ox-Heart Indeterminate Large
Virginia Sweets Indeterminate Large

My New Seeds for 2014 Trials

Arkansas Traveler Indeterminate Medium
Copia Striped Indeterminate Medium
Fireworks Indeterminate Medium
Heinz 1439 VFA Determinate Medium
Indigo Apple Indeterminate Medium
Japanese Trifele Black Indeterminate Medium
Matina Indeterminate Small
Neves Azorean Red Indeterminate Large
New Big Dwarf Determinate Large (Might Be Fun)
Orange Banana Indeterminate Plum
Sioux Indeterminate Medium
Todd Country Amish Indeterminate Large
Zapotec Pink Ribbed Indeterminate Large

Well I have lost count. Here are the currant, cherry and other small tomatoes I will be growing for a long series of videos. Selected for color shape and general tomato coolness.

The Currant, Cherries and Smalls (Notice the Colors and Shapes)

Blush Indeterminate Blush Pink Streaks and Red Grape
Brandysweet Plum Indeterminate Elongated  Pink Cherry
Coyote Indeterminate Indeterminate Ivory  Cherry
Flamme Indeterminate Orange Cherry
Grape Tomato Indeterminate Brilliant Red Elongated Cherry
Indigo Blue Berries Indeterminate Purple/Black and Brick Red Cherry
Kimberly Indeterminate Potato Leaf Red  Cherry
Isis Candy Indeterminate Yellow Gold with Red Marbling Cherry
Mint Julep Indeterminate Green Yellow Streaks Plum
Purple Bumble Bee Indeterminate Dark Puple/Black with Green Streaks Cherry
Red Pear Indeterminate Red Pear Shaped
Riensentraube Cherry Red Oval Clustered Grape
Sweet Pea Currant Indeterminate Red Currant
Yellow Currant Indeterminate Yellow Currant

So that is what is going on at The Rusted Garden. If you have grown any of these before please comment and let me know your likes and dislikes.

Good Luck in Your Gardens

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