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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Slug and Snail Management: Iron Phosphate Bait Now!

Spring Slug and Snail Management: Iron Phosphate Bait Now!

When is the best time to treat your garden for slugs and snails?  The answer...  when there is nothing for them to really eat but the iron phosphate bait pellets. In Maryland Zone 7 that time is about mid March. As the days warm up the pests will start coming out of hibernation and they will be looking to eat.

Protect Your Greens Before They Get in The Garden

I once had a terrible problem with slugs and snails. I tried many methods and final found iron phosphate. It is extremely effective and on the very low end of toxic. It won't harm your garden soil, birds, frogs and other garden life.  A good way to deal with pests and problems is on their natural cycles. They will be coming out to eat with the approaching spring. Leave them a snack of iron phosphate!

Another snail and slug control poison is metaldehyde slug bait. It is an indiscriminate killer of wild life and very toxic. I highly recommend against its use. Iron phosphate works when eaten by the snails and slugs and it disrupts their digestive system. They crawl away and actually end up starving to death.

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