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Friday, October 18, 2013

What is a Vegetable Garden pH Level and How Do You Measure It?

What is a Vegetable Garden pH Level and How Do You Measure It?

The pH level of your garden soil measures the degree of acidity and alkalinity. A lower number means it is more acidic. A higher number means it is more alkaline. Vinegar is acidic. Acidic soil is sometimes called sour. Baking soda is alkaline. Alkaline soil is sometimes called sweet. The pH actually stands for the Power of Hydrogen and it measure the hydrogen ion activity of your soil. That is the very very basic description of how pH is measured. 

Remember, the lower the number the more acidic it is and the higher the number the more alkaline the vegetable garden soil. Most vegetables prefer a general range between 6 and 7. You can look on-line for specific levels for every vegetable you can think of. If you can nail a 6.5 pH then your are doing great. Generally speaking pH levels outside 6-7 can inhibit growth. I will detail these issues in future blog and video entries.

How do you use this pH tool? Remove the top 2 inches of soil and loosen 5 inches of soil. Add distilled water to make it muddy. Insert meter 5 inches and wait 60 seconds. The pH level will show digitally.

A Digital pH Meter - The Rusted Garden 2013
I plan on doing a whole series on Vegetable Garden pH. I will be Instagraming pictures of measuring devices. I will detail how to manage pH levels in your garden, how to measure it and finally discuss what pH levels vegetables prefer.  I will talk about this information on my blog and in my YouTube videos. Follow me on Instragram for weekly updates on what is going on at The Rusted Vegetable Garden . 


The pH Meter Tip and Scouring Pad - The Rusted Garden 2013

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