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Friday, October 11, 2013

My YouTube Vegetable Gardening Playlists Have Been Updated: Getting Ready for 2014

My YouTube Vegetable Gardening Playlists Have Been Updated

I just updated my YouTube Channel (The Rusted Garden) and changed up the playlists. It is all about vegetable gardening. I've added an organic gardening and home remedy playlist. I have nearly 250 YouTube garden videos. Here are links to the playlist. Let me know what should be added or changed.

Playlists from The Rusted Garden:

Growing Tomatoes, Peppers and Vegetables in the Ground and in Containers
Organic Growing Methods and Product Explanations and Home Organic Remedies
Grilling Garden Vegetables, Making Mixed Drinks and Other Garden Recipes
My 60 Seconds or Sow Garden Videos
Container Vegetable Gardening and Creating a Raised Bed Garden
Starting Seeds Indoors, Indoor Lighting Systems and Transplant Methods
Combating Garden Pests and Disease Organically and Synthetically

You can also keyword search my YouTube Channel and find information about all aspects of vegetable gardening. The playlists are just samples of the more viewed videos.

I am making plans for 2014. I will be focusing on organic products and building garden soil naturally. That includes compost tea! I think 2014 will be a great year for gardening. I invite you to check out my channel and leave me feedback.

I incorporate subscribers input... that is what brought organic gardening to The Rusted Garden. Any ideas or interests for 2014 would be greatly appreciated.

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