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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Follow The Rusted Vegetable Garden on INSTAGRAM: Learn, Share and Win the Giveaways!

Follow The Rusted Vegetable Garden on INSTAGRAM: 
Learn, Share and Win the Giveaways!

I just learned how to use INSTAGRAM for The Rusted Garden and will be using it as a regular tool. My plan is to take pictures while out and about buying gardening supplies and growing the gardening. It is also going to be used for promotional giveaways come all of 2014. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM it will only be about vegetable garden related content. Here is what you can expect...

  • Snap shots of garden supplies that I use. See the cost, name of products and learn where to find them.
  • Snap shots of seeds and transplants and how to pick the right plants for your garden.
  • Snap shots of soil amendments and construction supplies.
  • Snap shots of activities in my gardens.
  • Snap shots of dishes I make from my garden produce.
  • I will send out weekly garden reminders of what to plant, spray or prepare.
  • And a lot more!

Giveaways will be launched with pictures or videos that I send to Instagram. Follow the instructions and win the seeds or other giveaways come the 2014 season. You can find the me on Instagram under The Rusted Garden. I also have a link on my blog in the right corner if this link doesn't work.


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