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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stink Bugs and Home Pest Control

I am looking forward to January. That is the time I will be starting plants indoors for the 2012 garden season. A garden is plagued by pests.While the frost and freeze wipes out our plants, they don't  necessarily wipe out the bugs and pests. In my case, I am figuring out how to get rid of white-flies that just won't leave.

Stink Bugs and Squash Bugs look similar and invade the home garden. But did you know the Stink Bugs can actually over-winter in parts of your house. Check out the web and find out where Stink Bugs like to spend the Maryland Winters. Pest control  around the home can also help you garden. Sometimes it is good to get rid of them while they are sleeping the cold days away in and around your home. That is... before they wake up to come and snack on your Spring garden.


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  2. we plan to get some croutons to keep in home and I think, we need to take advance measures, if any. when we were in london, www.paramountpestcontrol.co.uk used to take care of any stinks/ pests, at our home. recently, we've moved down to Tega Cay, did some research and landed on a company noosapest, maybe will check with them.

    above all, thanks a bunch for the post.

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  5. Just wanted to remind everyone how bad the fall stink bug invasion is here in Charlotte NC. We have seen these pests increase exponentially here at our Hawthorne office. If I can help in any way, please see our website for contact information.


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