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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Garden Poetry: Directions to the Rain Barrel

Gardening and writing are relaxing. Sometimes a poem goes through growth stages. I particularly like this one during the Winter months. I typically revise my poetry when the garden sleeps.

Directions to the Rain Barrel

You might drink...

From the aged gray - black iron ringed rain barrel,
To quench your thirst from an early morning walk.

The one filled with a cool night's country rain.

It collects by the corner of the old cottage house,
By the climbing rose and creeping red dianthus.

Follow the moss and stone covered path,
Just past the clusters of mint and lemon balm.

The rain barrel stands with the daffodils and irises.

A cast iron ladle sits on the fence post.
Plunge it through the floating yellow rose petals.

And watch your feet! - the barrel is full from the night.

Gary Pilarchik (revised Dec 2012)

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