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Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Create a Beautiful Home Interior: Seeing is Creating!

The creation of a garden is often based on both one's creativity and exposure. Your creativity is often influenced by pictures of gardens. Seeing a garden is worth a thousand descriptive words. Creativity is, in part ,a reflection of exposure to what others have done. When the garden season ends, I often turn creativity towards the interior of my home.  I found a great website that exposes me to ideas of what I can create within my home. What I love about this site is tens of thousands (tens of thousands I meant hundreds of thousands) of photos that cover just about every interior decorating idea you can think of. You can easily navigate through categories to find pictures to help you change your home.

This is one site that will give you a thousand interior design ideas. You can browse photo ideas by most popular or by style such as Asian or Mediterranean. Or you can just pick a room and see what people have done. Don't forget you might want to see things like wine sellers, pools and porches. And of course there are landscaping ideas too. The site is worth visiting just to get ideas to spark your creative side. There is also an Ideabook Section where ideas shared by people, cover everything from theme colors in design to the creation of a holiday themed wreath. You can also share your photos and become part of the site.

Once you get an idea or see something you like you can visits the Product Section to see what is available and where it is available. This is not just a place to shop. It is a place to spark your creativity and to store your creative ideas. You can stimulate your creativity by viewing ideas in the Photo Section and just see what the world is up to in the way of interior design. When you find something you like, they provide you a way to save the photo and ideas you like to a design book (Ideabook) that you can actually create at the site. It can become your one stop design destination site where you can find ideas and share ideas. There are always new photos and ideas being added. And don't forget to set up your own Ideabook... You can share it with friends!


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