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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Fall Vegetable Garden is In!: Well Almost...

Frost comes in late October early November in my area. I am pushing it with some plants but figured, I'd give it a try. I didn't have time to get them in the ground so I planted everything in seed trays. This is a great way to get the plants quickly growing. You can buy yourself a couple of weeks time by letting them mature in the trays and then transplant them into the ground.

I planted the following.

50 day Green Beans
52 day Pickle Bush Cucumbers
68 day Peas (pushing it)
62 day Peas (pushing it)
I will harvest pea leaves for salads.

Ruby Red Lettuce
Red Romaine Lettuce
Paris Island Romaine Lettuce
Red Giant Mustard Greens
Red Russian Kale

I will be planting 25 day to 40 day radishes in the ground and will also plant garlic. You don't have to start gardening in the Spring. You can dig a garden today.

Fall Planting Vegetable Seeds: Gary Pilarchik

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