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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Heat of August can Wipe Out Tomato Plants

August heat in Maryland will take down tomatoes and other garden plants. Not all tomatoes are effected the same way by heat. The 'Black Krim' in the container below didn't like the high 90 and 100 degree days. No blight, no spot...  Just the heat and on my part a missed day of watering in the container.

An August Summer and a Tomato: Gary Pilarchik

The tomato below did quite well for  a while. I am not sure why this one died out. The heat of 2 weeks really did get to it but it was watered and had access to the ground below the container. Inspection did find a nice ant colony in the container.

A Beefsteak Heirloom Taken Down By Heat: Gary Pilarchik
The three plants below were effected by the heat. Leaf spot came back. I stop my preventative spraying because the August heat got to me.  I have removed one and am experimenting on how to bring another one back via spray, pruning, and removal of all the tomatoes. I want to get in in shape for the Fall for Fall tomato production.

Three Tomatoes and August Weather: Gary Pilarchik

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