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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Heat Has Broken: Get Your Fall Crops in Now!

The days have fallen to the 80's and the nights have dropped to the 60's and 70's according to today's forecast. It is time to clean out your beat up vines and tomatoes and clear away over grown garden spaces.

I am a bit gardened out as always happens about now. However, I am going to coffee up this weekend and plant a complete Fall garden. Every year I slack on it and I regret it come late September.

Some definites for this weekend are peas. The seeds can handle cold weather and some light frost while germinating but the plants will be killed by frost. You want to get your peas in now. A good trick to speed up germination is to soak the seed for about 2 hours. Let them absorb some water. Don't over soak them. The swelling seeds can be come fragile. But definitely get the peas in your garden.

Lettuces and kales should go in the ground. If you don't have room right now. Start them in seed trays or cups and transplant them into the garden later.

Radishes can go directly in the ground. Carrots should go in now too.  What you want to do is check the maturity date for the vegetables you are planting and you want to them to hit maturity about a week before your average first day of frost.  Remember lettuces and kales can handle light frost.

August 15th to September 15th (General Guidelines)
Cabbage (transplants)
Cauliflower (transplants)
Broccoli (transplants)


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