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Monday, May 11, 2009

Yard Sale Plants: Tomatoes, Peppers, Herbs and Perennials

All these plants will be available unless they sell out.


  1. Juliet Hybrid: Grape shaped cherry tomato
  2. Big Momma Hybrid: A very large sweet paste tomato
  3. Super Marmande Heirloom: Beefsteak type tomato
  4. Roma: Standard tomato from the grocery store
  5. Cherokee Purple Heirloom: 10 oz rose/purple skinned tomato
  6. Red Lightning Hybrid: Brilliant red with golden streaks. 3 inch round fruits
  7. Super Sweet 100 Hybrid: Clusters of sweet cherry tomatoes
  8. Large Red Cherry: Large red standard cherry tomato
  9. Super Beefsteak: Bigger yield beefsteak with 1 pound fruits
  10. Jubilee Orange: Large orange tomatoes with perfect roundness
  11. Brandywine Pink Heirloom: From 1885 - 14 oz fruit with pinkish tomato - Potato leaf
  12. Speckled Roman Heirloom: Paste tomato with red, orange, and yellow stripes
  13. Aunt Ruby's German Heirloom: 12-16 oz green and yellow striped fruit
  14. Tomatillo: Husked tomato-like fruit. It is tart and awesome in salsa.


  1. Sweet Banana: Sweet no heat light yellow green
  2. Cayenne Hot: Thin long red hot cayenne pepper. Use for hot pepper flakes.
  3. Anaheim Chili: Medium heat 6-8 long pepper matures to red
  4. Corno di Toro: Large green to red bull horn shaped 8 inch fruits with no heat
  5. Poblano: Deep green for roasting on the grill. Medium hot pepper.
  6. Big Dipper: Large standard green bell pepper
  7. Early Jalapeno: An early maturing jalapeno. Great for salsa.
  8. Cubanelle: A large sweet pepper that matures from yellow to red
  9. Californa Wonder: The standard green bell
  10. Marconi Golden: Golden (yellow) Italian sweet pepper with 12 inch fruit
  11. California Orange Heirloom: Large sweet tasting orange bell


  1. Lime Basil: Great for salsa and Mexican dishes
  2. Purple Basil: Great for salads and contrast to other basil dishes
  3. Large Leaf Basil: Standard large leaf basil for pesto
  4. Cilantro: Key ingredient for salsa
  5. Oregano: Great for sauces and it is a perennial plant
  6. Chives: Great for salads and it is a perennial plant
  7. Fennel: Anise flavored herb great for chicken and fish
  8. Dill: Used for dill pickles and in fish dishes

I also have gallon pots of hostas and other shade plants.

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