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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Here Comes the Warm Season

I started writing Knols about a year ago. One Knol I wrote was on Cool Season Crops. The warm weather is moving into Maryland and that leaves about 4 more weeks for the cooler vegetables to finish up before the warmth begins to makes these crops bolt. Here are my Knols to bring this blog up to speed.

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Starting Tomatoes Indoors

It is time to get those tomatoes in. The temperature at night is hovering at 50 degrees and the day temperatures are hitting 70 degrees. Peppers can also go in the ground although they like even more heat.

I start my tomatoes, peppers, herbs and many kinds of perennials indoors. This give something to do during January's freeze. I have about 400 plants outside in cups to be transplanted or sold at my annual plant yard sale. The yard sale give me some cash to buy those things I can't grow inside and cash for mulch, stakes and your basic garden supplies. You might want to think about a plant yard sale in your area. Everyone love gardening.

I'll be updating this blog weekly with pictures of plantings, pests, problem solutions and all things related to gardening.

Slugs. Anyone have a solution?

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