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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Squash and Cucumbers Planted

Butternut, acorn and spaghetti squash have been planted into 8 oz styro-foam cups. I decided to try that instead of 20 oz. They will get planted directly into to garden without disturbing the roots. I didn't have enough 20 oz cups and was low on garden soil. Maybe the extra soil for starting the seeds isn't needed.

If you haven't grown spaghetti squash, I highly recommend it. If you split the squash and bake it (spil side down) in a pyrex pan filled with an inch of water, you get a very tasty vegetable. Bake 30 minutes around 375 degrees. Scrape the inside of the halves and the squash actually shreds into spaghetti like fibers. Dress it and eat it hot or cold.

I planted 1 variety of cucumber a long thin hybrid. I have trouble with cucumbers. This might be due to soil acidity or alkalinity or insects. I don't test my soil. Typically, they grow in the cups but transplant poorly. I suppose I can dig out my soil and drop a bag of garden soil in a hole. If the plant I put in there grows well, that might mean its my general soil. Whether its the soil balance or wintering insects, Ill have to figure that out.

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