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The Rusted Garden Tomato Seed Sale 2017

The Rusted Vegetable Garden
2017 Tomato Seeds, Vegetable Seeds,
Neem Oil and Calcium Nitrate

All tomato seed packs come with approximately 30-45 seeds per pack. 
Plenty of seeds for several years, if stored properly.
I take a pinch and quick count them. Nothing fancy.

All my tomato seeds were hand collected from The Rusted Garden,
unless marked clearly BULK SEEDS.  The chances of cross-pollination are very low as tomato flowers typically self-pollinate. However, I can't guarantee 100% you won't get a cross.
The chance of this happening is really, really, really low.
You can view the tomato seed collecting process at this link:
Tomato Seed Collecting and Fermentation.

How Do You Buy the Seeds?

Simply click ADD to CART and PayPal will generate a shopping cart list.
If you lose your shopping cart you can click the VIEW CART button located at the top of my blog.
ADD to CART buttons will be located below each item for sale.

Shipping Locations
I no longer ship Internationally, at this time. I only ship to US States.

Germination Tips
Tomatoes germinate best with warm temperatures of 70+ degrees Fahrenheit . Please give your tomato seeds 7-10 days to germinate. Different varieties will vary in germination time.
Seed will germinate more slowly when the temperature is in the 60's
and more quickly when the temperature is in the 80's

Single Packages of Seeds are Below 
Please Scroll Down for Single Packet Orders

Tomato Seeds and Tomato Seed Packages
for Sale 2017

Tomato Package One (Bulk Seeds):
Source: NE Seeds - All Non-GMO
Limited Quantity
Heirloom Tomato Seed Bulk Purchased Seed Package
10 different tomato varieties for $14 Shipped
(Medium to Large Sized Tomatoes)

These seeds come from seeds I purchased in bulk. I selected bulk tomato seeds that will give you a great variety of medium to large sized tomatoes in all shapes and colors. Most of them are heirloom varieties. They not only vary in size, shape, color and taste... but also in when the fruits mature and how large the plants get. This a great way to have a variety of tomatoes in your garden.

You will get 35-50 seeds per pack. Store them in a cool dry place and they will last for years.

Here are the 10 varieties of bulk purchased tomato seeds (10 packs) 
for $14.00 (shipping is included in the $14.00 price):

Indeterminate (12 oz.) Extra large, meaty and ribbed deep-scarlet fruit. 90 days.

Black Krim
Indeterminate (12 oz.) Brownish-purple to maroon colored fruit with green shoulders. An heirloom for the Isle of Krim. Sweet, mild and rich in flavor. 80 days

Semi-Determinate (10 oz.) Semi-determinate short stake type. Features pink fruit with green shoulders. Great for southern growers. 80 days.

Brandywine Red
Indeterminate (12 oz.) Heirloom dating back to the 1870’s. Named after Brandywine Creek in Chester County, PA. Red fruits. 80-100 days.

Cherokee Purple
Indeterminate (6-12 oz.) Slicer type heirloom. Dusky pink-purple with darker shoulders. Mild flavor. 80 days.

Costoluto Genovese
Indeterminate (7 oz.) Once you’ve tried Costoluto you’ll never try anything else! This Italian heirloom is truly all-purpose. It makes intensely flavored slices with a scalloped shape. People also swear by it as the best flavored roasted, sauced or juiced variety. Good for home gardeners, market growers and chefs. 80 days.

German Johnson
Indeterminate (12-24 oz.) Old time favorite heirloom. Extra-large, rough fruit, pink with yellow shoulders. Mild, low acid and very meaty. 80 days.

Mountain Gold 
Determinate. (8-12 oz.) Yellow-fruited, superior in disease resistance. Released in 1991, developed by Dr. Randy Gardner at the North Carolina State Mountain Horticultural Crops Research Station. This is not a hybrid. 80 days.

Determinate (6 oz,) Red fruit with plants that get to 4-6 feet. Although a determinate it produce over a long period. An open-pollinated heirloom that was released by the US Department of Agriculture in 1925. It should be staked and if conditions are right it can produce up to 50 pounds of fruit! 75-80 days.

Pink Oxheart
Indeterminate (1 lb.) Firm, meaty, pink fruits with thick walls, very mild flavor. Large, heart-shaped fruits on indeterminate vines. 90 days.

Pepper Bulk Seed Package

Pepper Package One (Bulk Seeds): SOLD OUT
Source: NE Seeds - All Non-GMO

 10 Varieties of Hot Peppers from Mild to Blistering
with Mixed Flavors and Uses: Bulk Package Deal

I selected these bulk seeds based on loving hot peppers myself. They range from very mild to quite hot. They are also functional too in that they vary in flavor and use. Some are great for grilling, sauces, pickling, salsa and just burning. These are seeds I bulk order.

10 Varieties of Seeds (30+ per pack)  for $14.00 (shipping included)

Mildly hot stuffing pepper. Heart shaped peppers are 4x3”. They start out green and turn deep red when ripe. 80 days. 76-80 days. The are picked as Ancho but when dried are called Poblano.

Cayenne Long Slim
Dark green, long fruit maturing to red. Slim 6” x 3/4” pointed and wrinkled. Strong, spreading plant, 20-24” tall. Great for processing & drying. 70-75 days. Great for hot pepper flakes.

Habanero Orange
HOT!  Late maturing pepper has fruits with thin walls and lantern shape averaging 2” x 1”. Matures to orange color that looks too hot to even touch. 100 days. 150,000+ Scoville Units.

Hungarian Yellow Wax

Hot! Peppers are light yellow to red, medium-thick wall fruit 5 1/2” x 1 1/2” wide. Strong upright plant growth. 65-70 days. A very hot banana pepper.

Jalapeno (Early)
Thick walled, dark-green fruit maturing to red. Averages 3” x 1 1/2” in size. Tapered to a blunt tip. 4,000-5,000 Scovilles. 65 days.

Large Red Cherry
Prolific and very hot. Bears heavy crops of 1” x 1 1/2” medium-green to red nearly round fruit. Pungency rating: 1,000-2,000. 70 days.

Mulato Isleno
A mildly hot poblano type pepper. This heart shaped pepper matures from green to dark chocolate brown. 1,000 on the Scoville scale. Excellent for salsa, roasting and stuffing. 3” wide, 6” long. 80 days.

Pepperoncini (Greek Golden)
Yellowish-green, Greek pepperoncini similar to those found at many salad bars, pizza parlors and sub sandwich restaurants. Just the right amount of heat. Prolific, early season fruits eventually turn red but should be harvested immature. 62 days

Scotch Bonnet orange
Hot! This variety is for serious Chile heads, the heat registers over 100,000 Scoville units. Peppers are green before ripening. They are 2” long by 2” wide. Plants are very productive. Scotch Bonnets are the most popular of the Caribbean peppers. 100 days.

This is the pepper used to make Tabasco sauce. It was introduced to the country in the 1800’s from México and is still going strong. The peppers are 1 1/2-3” long and are held upright on the plants. They ripen from green to yellow to orange to red. 30,000-50,000 Scovilles. 90 days.


Single Tomato Seed Packs and Herb Packs Below

The Rusted Garden 17 Single Tomato Seed Packs
All Seeds Below Were Hand Collected from TRG
Herbs are Below Too!

All tomato seed packs come with approximately 35-45 seeds per pack. 
Plenty of seeds for several years, if stored properly.
I take a pinch and quick count them. Nothing fancy.
(Packaged Deals Can Be Found at the End of the List)

All Single Seed Packs are $1.90 and Include Shipping Costs:

Abraham Lincoln
Indeterminate. 75 days. 6-10 ounces. Round red fruit. Low acid with a sweet tomato taste. Good producer.

Arkansas Traveler
Indeterminate. 85 days. 6-8 ounces. Produces well in hot weather. Pink red fruit. Full of flavor.

Aunt Ruby’s German Green
Indeterminate. 80 days. 12-16 ounces. Large yellow and green beefsteak with slight pink blushing.  Sweet flavor with a hint of tomato tartness.
(Left) The Aunt Ruby's German Green: The Rusted Garden
Indeterminate. 80 days. Red tomato. From Australia. This plant regularly produces 1-2 pound fruit. Large plants with good tomato production. It has a great tomato taste that matches the fruit size.
The Aussie Tomato:  The Rusted Garden

Baxter’s Early Bush
Determinate. 70 Days. Cherry. Early cherry that is very prolific. Resistant to splitting and really doesn't need much in the way of staking.
Baxter's Bush Cherry Tomatoes : The Rusted Garden
Baxter's Bush Cherry Tomatoes: TRG

Beefsteak Red (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Black Cherry
Indeterminate. 65 days. Cherry. Sweet complex flavor. Classic black tomato with deep purples, mahogany and deep reds.

Black Krim (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Black Plum (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)     
Indeterminate. 80 days.  Cherry type elongate fruits resemble large grapes. Sweet fruity taste with mahogany colors.
Black Plum Tomato Seeds: TRG
The Black Plum Tomato: The Rusted Garden
Indeterminate. 60-70 days. Yellow oblong tomatoes with red streaks that make them blush. A beautiful tomato with a great taste.

Bradley (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Brandywine Red (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Brandywine Yellow
Indeterminate. 90 days. 12-24 ounces. Potato leaf. A large yellow/orange beefsteak with great flavor. Can break two pounds!
The Brandywine Yellow Tomato: The Rusted Garden

Bumble Bee
Indeterminate. 70 days. Cherry type. 1 ½ inch round fruit with green streaks on dark red purple fruits. Great color for salads and salsas.

Cherokee Purple (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Costoluto Genovese (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Coyote (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Fireworks/Fourth of July
Indeterminate. 60 days.  6-8 ounce. An early red slicing tomato.  Fruits are round with a pointed tip. Bright red color. Heavy producer.
German Johnson (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Determinate. 55 days. Cherry type. 2-3 ounce red tomatoes. They set will in the cold. Potato leaf foliage. Large harvest.
Glacier (Early Cherry) Tomato: TRG

Determinate. 80 days. 8-10 ounces. Red fruit. It is a more heat tolerant variety. Large vines with medium sized very round fruit. Produce more like an indeterminate plant.
The Homestead Tomato: The Rusted Garden

Indigo Apple
Indeterminate. 70 days. 2-4 ounce. Extremely dark fruit caused by the sun. High level of anthocyanin. Dark purple to almost black starting from the top down.
The Indigo Apple Tomato: The Rusted Garden

Kentucky Orange
Indeterminate. 90 days. 12-16 ounces. Heirloom. Yellow to orange color. Tomato color can vary from plant. A sweet mild flavor. Great color for dishes. Mid range production.

Marglobe (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Indeterminate. 55 days. 2-4 ounce. From Germany. Potato leaf. A red fruit with terrific flavor. Produces a month earlier than beefsteaks.

Matt’s Wild Cherry 
Indeterminate. 60 day. 1/2 ounce.These small cherry tomatoes are deep red, have a tender, smooth texture, and sweet, full flavor. High sugar content. Good Resistance to Early Blight. It is still growing in my garden as of 9/30 (picture from that day) with no care since for disease late August. This seed needs 80 degrees to germinate best and can take 10-14 days. 
The Matt's Wild Cherry Tomato: The Rusted Garden

Micro Tom (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Mountain Gold (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Orange Banana (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Pink Oxheart (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Principe Borghese
Determinate. 75 days. Plum shape. Small fruit. Great sauce tomato. Outstanding for oven drying and using in dishes. Very very prolific.

Red Currant/Sweet Pea (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Indeterminate. 75 days. Cherry type with slight oval shape an point on bottom. It is German heirloom that means "bunches of grapes". 
The Riesenstraube Tomato: The Rusted Garden

Rutgers Select (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Siberian (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Silvery Fir
Determinate.  60 days. Amazing looking fern like foliage with 3-4 inch red orange tomatoes. A great early tomato that doesn't mind the cold. Fruits are a slightly flattened round shape.

Indeterminate. 70 days.  6 ounces. Red fruit.  A sweet tangy tomato with rich flavors that people love. Grown for the taste.

Sub Arctic Max
Determinate. 60 days. Does well in cold. Dwarf vines with 2 1/2 ounce clustered red fruit. The early tomato I recommend for the cold.

Sweet Pea Currant/Red Currant
Indeterminate. 75 days.  A very very small red round currant tomato. Very sweet flavor. Pea sized. 20-25 can fit in your hand. Very prolific.
The Sweet Pea Red Currant Tomato

Tiny Tim (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Todd County Amish
Indeterminate. 75 days.  12+ ounces. Large dark pink tomato. Heirloom  handed down by Amish in Minnesota. Very meaty tomato with great flavor. Very productive. My top 3 favorite large red beefsteak tomato.

Yellow Pear (Seeds Available Description Coming Soon)

Single Herb Packs for Sale are $1.60 
Shipping is included
(1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon per packet - a lot of seeds for 2+ years)

Basil (Large Leaf Italian) $1.60

Basil (Cinnamon) $1.60

Basil (Lemon) $1.60

Basil (Spicy Globe Bush) $1.60

Chamomile $1.60

Celery Leaf $1.60

Chervil $1.60

Dill (Bouquet) $1.60

Parsley (Italian Dark Leaf) $1.60

Summer Savory $1.60

Thyme (Broad Leaf) $1.60

Things Being Sold 
by The Rusted Garden 
for 2017

100% Cold Pressed Neem Oil with Azadirachtin

2 - 4 Ounce Bottles Package (Total 8 Ounces) 
Cost is $16.95 Shipped

Purchase 2-4 Ounce Bottles of 100% Cold Pressed Neem Oil

You can save a lot of money from buying products and making your own recipe sprays.

Most 24 ounces bottles of store bought spray cost $8-$12. If you read the ingredients the very often only contain 1% Neem Oil. You don't need a lot when you make a spray.

8 ounces of Neem Oil makes up to 16 gallons of spray.
16 gallons of spray is about 64 bottles of 32 ounce spray.

I am only shipping in United States right now. 
You can purchase my 2 -  4 Ounce Bottle Package through Paypal.

About 12 Ounces of Calcium Nitrate 15.5-0-0 

19% Calcium and water soluble 
Cost $13.75 Shipped

Calcium Nitrate can be used to manage Blossom End-Rot
About 12 ounces of calcium nitrate.
The recipe is on the label and can be found on-line.
Always test spray this product on your plants.
12 ounces will make about
12 gallons or 50 quarts
1 quart will cost about $6-$9 in a store when you by pre-made spray
You can save over $400 by making your own as needed
Indefinite shelf life if kept dry in the bag
I am only shipping in United States right now. 
You can purchase my Calcium Nitrate Package through Paypal.


1. My Neem Oil separated and looks like it has clumps. What do I do?

Your Neem Oil is fine and it will do that at certain temperatures. In fact, if you store it in a refrigerator it will become a solid. You fix it by letting it sit in warm tap water for about 15 minutes. It will be as good as new. Check out the video below for details.

2. I can't find recipe on how to use the Neem Oil. How do I use it?

Check out the above video for details on how to make some basic sprays. Always... always... always test spray new products on a few vegetable plant leaves before you cover an entire plant. You can also check out the internet of for additional recipes.

My First Neem Oil Bottling:


  1. Gary...great website, video's and info. The late blight you are experiencing is what we have here in the southern states all the time. It starts when the warm humid air comes in and by mid August most plants have been affected and have shriveled. No plant including the hybrids with resistance seem to be immune. Spraying w/chems isn't practical since they have to be sprayed when temps are below 90 which doesn't happen here in August. In addition to late blight there is early blight, alternaria stem canker and a host of others that cause about the same thing...deteriorated plants by mid summer. I try to plant early with early varieties in hopes of getting my production by mid July.

  2. Have any picture of late blighted tomatoes? I found I can spray pretty well for early blight. But I had one plant wilt away. Spraying at 90+ degrees with my baking soda burned my tomato. Under 90 degrees it was fine. Yes the heat is an issue. I found I can use wettable sulphur at higher temperatures. But the blights come. I can slow em, not beat em... but I end up with large harvests.


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