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Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Rusted Garden Show EP 2: Building Simple Inexpensive Grow Lights & Seed Starting Herbs

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The Rusted Garden Show EP 2:
Building Simple Inexpensive Grow Lights & Seed Starting Herbs

In addition to my short focused videos all about vegetable gardening, I will be doing an ongoing long format video series called The Rusted Garden Show. It will be packed full of information and the topics will be relevant in real time to what is going on with gardening in Maryland Zone 7. It is also available for free as a podcast, just search The Rusted Garden on ITunes or at 

The Rusted Garden Show EP 2 teaches you how to build simple and inexpensive grow light stations. I show you several designs and explain how to use the lights to grow strong transplants. I also show you how to seed start herbs and onions using my over seeding method.  Please use the table of contents to move through the EP 2 as it will show up below on the video description. You can jump to the parts that interest you.

0:00  Start and Introduction
1:34   Grow Lights - Different Types
2:43   Building  Two 4 Foot T-8 Fluorescent Grow Lights (Parts)
5:35   How to Use Two 4 Foot T-8 Grow Lights on Your Shelves
6:32   Using Timers
7:30   How Long to Keep the Grow Lights On
9:40   Growing Options Using One 4 Foot Grow Light
11:00 Alternative Grow Light Builds Using Single Bulbs
12:35 Building Grow Light Boxes from Storage Containers
14:50 Cost of Electricity and How to Calculate it Monthly
16:40 Cheat by Using the Outdoor Sun Occasionally
18:45 Seed Starting Herbs and Onions
20:50 Over Seeding Chives
22:55 Over Seeding Oregano
25:00 Over Seeding Thyme
26:40 Seed Starting Lavender and Rosemary
28:40 Seed Starting Sage
30:00 Seed Starting and Over Seeding Onions
32:15 Bottom Watering - How and When
The Rusted Garden Show EP 1:
Indoor Vegetable Seed Starting Basics & Preventing 4 Major Mistakes

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