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Saturday, January 13, 2018

My Seed and Garden Shop: My First Shirt - A Garden Wants to Give!

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My Seed and Garden Shop:
My First Shirt - A Garden Wants to Give!

Some much can be found in the vegetable garden. I have written a blog post before about memories of my grandfather and how he taught me to grow a garden. I'll be doing a long format video series this year called Mental Health, Wellness and The Vegetable Garden which is really about how gardening can help you have a better quality of life. These are some ways a garden gives back to us.

Last year I launched my Seed and Garden Shop. It is packed with all the things I use in my videos. This year I just added my first shirt with the phrase 'A Garden Wants to Give'. I chose the word Give over Grow for several reasons. Vegetables want to grow but a garden wants to give. It gives back in so many ways. It gave me a chance to connect with people (fellow gardeners) from all over the world. It gives me peace of mind. It adds to the quality of my life. And I truly believe that a garden truly wants to give.

It just needs a little help and guidance from each of us. And when we need a little help, it is there to give back. That, thought inspired this shirt. If you are interested in purchasing one, I wanted to explain the history of the shirt and what it means to me. You can find my shop here: The Rusted Garden Seed and Garden Shop.

It comes in 3 sizes 
From 1/13/18 through 1/20/18 it will be $12.99 instead of $14.99

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