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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Rusted Garden 2014 Tomato Profiles: The 'Aussie', 'Brandysweet Plum', 'Black Cherry', 'Indigo Apple' and the 'Red Grape'

The Rusted Garden 2014 Tomato Profiles (So Far...)

I planted somewhere between 30 and 40 varieties of tomatoes this year. Too many... yes but enjoyable. One of my goals was to narrow them down to plants that do well in my gardening zone, which is Maryland Zone 7.  My other goal was to do a video series called Tomato Profiles. Here are some of the videos I completed so far. You can get a quick visual and basic information from them to help you decide if you want to give them a try in your vegetable garden. I will be selling seeds to most of these varieties come August.

The 'Aussie" is an heirloom tomato from Australia. It it s big producer of 1 and 2 pound tomatoes. Great flavor, good production and it is decent in the heat. I have been growing this plant for many years and it is my prime keeper tomato for large red beefsteaks.

The 'Brandysweet Plum' is also an heirloom from a cross in 1915. It tastes like a big beefsteak tomato in a cherry size. I think the flavor is close to 'Brandywines'. It isn't overly prolific for a cherry so I would plant two. It also stays about 6 feet tall. For the flavor alone it is a new keeper in my garden.

The 'Black Cherry' is a keeper that I have grown for years. Huge growth to 8 or 9 feet tall. It will keep growing until cold weather or disease gets it. It does very well in my area. It produces in high heat. It has good disease resistance. The flavor is solid and the color is outstanding. As I said, a keeper in my garden.

The 'Indigo Apple' is new to my garden and a keeper for the shear brilliance of the color. It looks painted. The flavor was better than I expected as for the 'Indigo' tomatoes can be tart. The trick is to let them almost... almost over ripen. They get a lot less tart and a bit sweeter. It is not full of sweetness but has a good tomato flavor finish. The inside is red, the colors are in the skin only.

The 'Grape' or ' Red Grape' tomato is, believe it or not, new to my garden. It does well in the heat in that it doesn't yellow out and it produces new fruit. Very good disease resistance and it is a prolific grower and producer. You will get massive grape shaped clusters of red tomatoes. They are sweet and I swear, I can taste and grape flavor. Might just be psychological though...

More to come!

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