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Monday, July 21, 2014

Some of My Tips for Growing Cucumber Plants

Some of My Tips for Growing Cucumber Plants

Cucumber plants are loved by many gardeners. They are a great compliment to tomatoes when making fresh garden salads. Cucumbers aren't necessarily hard to grow but they can take a lot of care around watering, feeding, combating pests and diseases.

The best way to keep healthy cucumber plants is a well established planting base with compost and fertilizer. This will get the plants off to a great start. They have huge appetites for nutrients and really need scheduled feedings through the summer. They love water and need water almost every other day at peak size and high temperatures.

Insects damage  and disease is best handled by preventative spraying before any signs of pests or disease appear. The bottom line for cucumbers is to have a pretty strict care schedule. Here are some of my general tips on cucumber care.

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