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Monday, February 3, 2014

Three Part Series: Growing Cilantro, Basil, Parsley & Chives on a Kitchen Windowsill - Seed Starting

Growing Cilantro, Basil, Parsley & Chives on a Kitchen Windowsill
Part 1 of 3: Starting the Seeds

Peat pellets are used for this project because they are going to spend most of their time sitting in water mixed with 1/2 strength liquid fertilizer. The design of  a peat pellet is perfect for this. It allows room for root growth and it will allow roots to grow out of the medium and into the water. Cilantro, basil, parsley and chives were selected for this video because they don't mind wet roots and can do well in water.

This is a 3 part video series I am doing. This video explains the basic concept of growing herbs in peat pellets and water and how to plant the seeds. The goal is not to grow full sized herbs on your kitchen windowsill but to grow many many leaves.

The 1/2 strength nutrient solution will keep the plants happy. You do need a windowsill with at least 8 hours of full sun, if you are germinating them on the sill. If you start them under lights and get them to size, you can get away with 6 hours of sun on the windowsill to maintain them.

Remember the goal is to get leaves. You will be over-seeding the peat pellets as the water and nutrient solution will maintain them. The second part of the video will focus on growing them to size under the grow-lights and the final part of the series will focus on the nutrient solution and maintaining the herbs on your windowsill.

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