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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Just About 10,000 Subscribers On My YouTube Gardening Channel: Help Please...

Just About 10,000 Subscribers On My YouTube 
Gardening Channel: Help Please...

I have had my YouTube Channel for a couple of years and today I am approaching 10,000 visitors. I could use a little help in breaking 10K and starting me on my way to 20,000 visitors by the end of next year. If you have a chance to subscribe or could forward my channel I would be deeply thankful.

Gardening is a passion and my whole path started with an answer to a question I have been posting. The answer to who influenced me to discover gardening was my grandfather.

My YouTube Channel: The Rusted Garden

I was in second grade. My grandfather would come over every year with tomatoes and some seeds and plant a garden. I would always help. My 2nd or 3rd grade science project was pictures of seeds and what they grew into (shot with a Polaroid). Dang I am old.

He use to open his coffee can and throw some white powdery stuff into the tomato planting hole and always say "It sweetens the soil." Those memories keep him alive. They are always with me.

I remember some kids laughed at my science project. Not meanly but they just didn't get it. I still am amazed at what a single seed can create. A magic. I would grow stuff as a kid but it wasn't until about 15 years ago, I really took over my grandfathers roll. Now gardening is a passion and way of life.

That is why I like sharing it with everyone that will humor me. It is the passion that keeps the video camera rolling in the garden. I just really enjoy it...Thanks!

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