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Sunday, November 10, 2013

How to Repair Garden Greenhouse Zipper Seam Tears with Duct Tape

How to Repair Garden Greenhouse Zipper Seam Tears 
with Duct Tape

I have been blogging and doing a video series on greenhouses for growing fall and hopefully winter greens. This video focuses on repairing the tears that often form along the zipper seams of the plastic greenhouses. The seam where the zipper attaches to the plastic is quite weak generally and poorly designed in the model I have. 

Duct tape can be used to repair tears along the seam of the zipper in greenhouses. In this video I repair the actual tear with painter's tape (you can use duct tape) and reinforce the whole zipper seam. The duct tape is used to reinforce the seam and staples are used the join the layers of tape, greenhouse plastic and the zipper seam.

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