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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tomato Blossom End-Rot: Emergency Treatment and Prevention

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Tomato Blossom End-Rot:
Emergency Treatment and Prevention

Blossom End-Rot is the browning of the bottoms of tomatoes. If you have it... you know it. It happens because your tomato plants either can't easily utilize the calcium in the soil or there is not enough calcium in the soil. In either case, adding some calcium in the from of a limestone slurry will help cure the problem and it will prevent blossom end-rot from happening. Keyword is calcium.

If you have container tomatoes and the containers dry out completely, the root systems of the tomatoes get damaged and they can have a hard time accessing the calcium in the soil. Adding more calcium helps them. The first step in preventing blossom end-rot is adding calcium to the soil when you transplant your tomatoes. Egg shell or lime are good sources of calcium. Making sure you water you plants regularly is important too.

If you get blossom end-rot the calcium slurry will help. When your tomatoes get to size in your containers it is a good idea to add calcium as prevention against blossom end-rot. The video shows you how to apply and make the limestone slurry. Good luck in your garden!

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  1. How often do should I add the lime slurry to my potted tomatoes?

  2. I was also wondering about the slurry for potted tomatoes. Is it a one time application?


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