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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What Kind of Garden Videos Do You Prefer: Help Me Plan 2013

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I really enjoy making the garden videos. I made over 100 HD garden videos last year. My goal was 50. Now that I have 100 and cover a lot of vegetable gardening topics, I want to see what you all might prefer in a video. I try to keep the conversation focused on what the title of the video describes and keep the videos as short as possible.

So, if you have the time could you send me some feedback in the comment section here and I will also be posting the question in my new Google+ vegetable gardening community. A great place to join to meet others and get questions answered.

1. What topics would you like to see more garden videos on?
2. How long do you feel a garden video should be?
3. What makes a video keep your interest once you start watching it?
4. What type of  garden videos do you prefer: How-To, Descriptive, Tour, Etc?
5. Any other suggestions for me to adopt for 2013 videos would be appreciated.

Thanks for you support.

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