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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Come Join Femented Hungry Friends: A New Rusted Garden Community Hangout!

Questions? Join My Google+ Community Tomato and Vegetable Gardening

Google+ has created Communities. I have taken advantage of their fine services and created several several G+ Communities. It is a place to simply join and express yourself much like Face Book. It is a bit cleaner and much easier to navigate.

I invite you to join Fermented Hungry Friends.  A place that is all about wine, beer, food and recipes and the friends you share it with.

It has places to drop pictures of what your eating or drinking right at the moment. It has places for critiques and recommendations. You can find recipes and plan that next gathering with help from bottle to plate.

I invite you to join Fermented Hungry Friends. Come bring some life to a community.


Come Join Fermented Hungry Friends- A G+ Community - The Rusted Garden

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