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Thursday, February 11, 2010

40 Inches of Snow and 2 Blizzards: Time to Garden

It's Feb. 11th and I have missed 3 days of work, shoveled the driveway about a dozen times, salted, and started my garden. There isn't much to do in the backyard as you can see. I think there is 40 inches of snow out there. I hope it smothers the dang snails and other pests.

However, inside there is a lot going on. I started purchasing seeds this week around the storms. It is time to buy your cold weather crop seeds. I am starting with radishes, greens and onions. I also picked up my slower growing herbs like oregano and chives. I will be starting herbs and flowers indoors this week in seed trays.

I am building my grow closet and will have an article up soon. Ill also be writing another radish Knol with the focus being very rich but sandy soil. My clay soil keeps mutating my radish roots.

I intend to track all my expenses this year as a way to show you what you can save by growing you own vegetables and plants.

Here is to a great gardening year. Go and get dirty.

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