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100% Cold Pressed Neem Oil for Sale from The Rusted Garden

Things Being Sold 
by The Rusted Garden 
for 2017

100% Cold Pressed Neem Oil with Azadirachtin

2 - 4 Ounce Bottles Package (Total 8 Ounces) 


Purchase 2-4 Ounce Bottles of 100% Cold Pressed Neem Oil

You can save a lot of money from buying products and making your own recipe sprays.

Most 24 ounces bottles of store bought spray cost $8-$12. If you read the ingredients the very often only contain 1% Neem Oil. You don't need a lot when you make a spray.

8 ounces of Neem Oil makes up to 16 gallons of spray.
16 gallons of spray is about 64 bottles of 32 ounce spray.

I am only shipping in United States right now. 
You can purchase my 2 -  4 Ounce Bottle Package through Paypal.

About 12 Ounces of Calcium Nitrate 15.5-0-0 

19% Calcium and water soluble 

Calcium Nitrate can be used to manage Blossom End-Rot
About 12 ounces of calcium nitrate.
The recipe is on the label and can be found on-line.
Always test spray this product on your plants.
12 ounces will make about
12 gallons or 50 quarts
1 quart will cost about $6-$9 in a store when you by pre-made spray
You can save over $400 by making your own as needed
Indefinite shelf life if kept dry in the bag
I am only shipping in United States right now. 
You can purchase my Calcium Nitrate Package through Paypal.


1. My Neem Oil separated and looks like it has clumps. What do I do?

Your Neem Oil is fine and it will do that at certain temperatures. In fact, if you store it in a refrigerator it will become a solid. You fix it by letting it sit in warm tap water for about 15 minutes. It will be as good as new. Check out the video below for details.

2. I can't find recipe on how to use the Neem Oil. How do I use it?

Check out the above video for details on how to make some basic sprays. Always... always... always test spray new products on a few vegetable plant leaves before you cover an entire plant. You can also check out the internet of for additional recipes.

My First Neem Oil Bottling:

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