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Friday, August 25, 2017

How Well Do All-America Selections Winners Grow? Extremely Prolific Vegetable Plants for Your Gardens

How Well Do All-America Selections Winners Grow? 
Extremely Prolific Vegetable Plants for Your Gardens

I had a great time growing All-America Selections Winners in my garden this year. I highly recommend going to their site and finding the new winners as well as some past winner from the last 85 years. Yes, they have doing this for 85 years! The 2018 AAS Winners have just been released and I will be growing some of them next year. Why not get something new and be the first in your area to grow it, show it off and of course eat it.

So... are the winners truly winners? Do they just have a stamp on them or do they offer something that merits the title of a winner?  What makes a vegetable or flower an AAS Winner? Well I have the answers for you in my garden tour video.

I grow and test before I recommend. Here is my most recent video with some wonderful, fully  'The Rusted Garden' tested,  All American Selections Winners. They one word I use, in the video, often is prolific. They really produce and produce and produce. I show off 8 mature vegetable varieties and 1 flower variety I grew this year.  And check out the production!

They were easy to grow, highly productive, great tasting and seemed to have some extra disease resistance (some varieties) compared to like vegetables.  I believe they have the qualities of winners. Check out my most recent video A Tour of My All-America Selection Winner's Garden: 9 Prolific Varieties for the Ground & Containers and decide for yourself.

I had a great time growing new found varieties I haven't grown before. I will be growing an All-America Selections garden next year. I encourage you to join me by following my YT Channel The Rusted Garden. Here are the vegetables in the videos.  All-America Selections doesn't sell the seeds, they only declare winners every year. You can find seed distributors that sell them by going to the AAS website or search the variety name to find sellers.

Find these All-America Selections Winners a:

Candle Fire Okra
Sweet Banana Pepper
Fantastico Tomato
Seyshelles Pole Bean
Cornito Gaillo Sweet Pepper
Patio Choice Yellow Tomato
Midnight Snack Tomato
Patio Baby Eggplant 
Pretty N Sweet Pepper

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